Thursday, August 6, 2020

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Healthy Pregnancy

Fertility Goddess Necklace
Fertility Goddess Necklace from Zen Appeal

Increase your fertility and protect yourself and your baby during your pregnancy with our Fertility Goddess Necklace. The Nile Fertility Goddess shape of the pendant and the Red Agate stone (pregnancy stone) work together to help you become pregnant and hold on to your pregnancy. You will find our Fertility Goddess Necklace on Zen Appeal here .

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

New Feng Shui Tip of the Month

3-D Dreams Dream Catcher
3-D Dreams Dream Catcher from Zen Appeal

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton and Zen Appeal have added August's Feng Shui Tip of the Month. Please visit to read it and find out how to Feng Shui Your Sleep. Many sleep problems can be improved using Feng Shui. This article tells you how you can have a better night's sleep by eliminating sources of negative energy and adding enhancements to your sleep. Here's the beginning of the article, to get you started: Many of our clients tell us they have sleep problems, either a problem falling asleep or a problem staying asleep. They often think it’s an internal problem, and spend time and money searching for something to help them sleep. Instead of sleeping pills or hypnosis we suggest using Feng Shui to help have a good night’s sleep. Please visit to read the rest of the Feng Shui article.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Zen Appeal August Sale

Genuine Ancient Necklace
Genuine Ancient Necklace from Zen Appeal

Back to school savings – Feng Shui style. Some of our new August Feng Shui sale items include our Genuine Ancient Necklace, Pi Yao, and our Triple Coin Necklace. Please visit our Zen Appeal Feng Shui Product Sale page to see all the great discounts for yourself. Savings up to 37% off on some items! Don't forget, Free Shipping for all US orders.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Feng Shui House Protection Amulet
House Protection Amulet from Zen Appeal

Hurricane season has already begun and proper preparation is necessary. Along with stocking up on bottled water, flashlights, canned goods, and shutter maintenance there are Feng Shui preparations for hurricane season. The House Protection Amulet protects against excess water and water related natural disasters. It is the perfect Feng Shui hurricane and flood protector for the home. The earth energy of the House Protection Amulet will protect you from excess water. You will find our House Protection Amulet on Zen Appeal here .