Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do you like reading Feng Shui Articles?

We sure do! And we like writing them too! We've been writing Feng Shui Articles for quite some time now, and people seem to like them. Thanks a bunch! We've organized them all in a very nice neat list on our website, with descriptions and all the rest. Oh, and there are links so you can read them all too. That is, in case you haven't already. Please enjoy our Feng Shui Articles . Happy reading!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Have a small space that or a small budget but still want to make a big Feng Shui impact? Add a 20 mm Swarovski version of one of our Beaded Hanging Crystals to your space for only $25. They are perfect for smaller rooms or your car. They are available for most of the Feng Shui Bagua areas. Each one is a compact, unique, hand beaded version of the 30 mm Beaded Hanging Crystal. You can find our 20 mm Feng Shui Beaded Hanging Crystals on our Zen Appeal Feng Shui Crystals page .

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Protect Yourself from Negativity

Negative energy can sometimes stem from items stored in your home or a person living in your home. When you have a room in your home that is filled with negative energy, you need to protect yourself. Whether the source is construction, bankruptcy papers, or a negative roommate, you need to separate yourself from the negative energy. Our Negative Energy Blocker will block negative energy and increase positive energy. You will find our Negative Energy Blocker on Zen Appeal here .

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 2014 Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton ~ Zen Appeal Newsletter

--Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton--
--Zen Appeal--
Hot this February is the Kwan Yin Dragon Necklace. Many overspent during holiday time and are now facing large bills. The Kwan Yin Dragon Necklace is popular now because she brings peace to financial woes and helps people take control over their purse strings. You will find our Kwan Yin Dragon Necklace on Zen Appeal here .

Need protection from colds and flu? Carry a portable Wu Lou Hanger to ward off illness. If you are already sick the Wu Lou will help you recover quicker.

February's Feng Shui Tip of the Month is our article called "The Feng Shui Road to Success" Read this month's Feng Shui Tip of the Month here Please stop by every month to read our tip before it goes away and is replaced by next month's tip. Hope you enjoy the Feng Shui Tip of the Month for February and our new tip every month.

Looking for more Feng Shui Tips? Check out our Feng Shui Tip page

Gene asked:
I have a new small business and have good return rate from satisfied customers but I need to attract new customers. What should I buy to bring new customers to my business?

Hi Gene,
Thank you for your question. To acquire more customers your business needs to become better known in its industry (more Feng Shui Fame energy). We recommend our 30 mm Swarovski Fame Hanging Crystal to improve your Feng Shui Fame energy help your business become popular. You will find our 30 mm Swarovski Fame Hanging Crystal on Zen Appeal here We also recommend our Lucky Cat Happy Business Purple to call in more customers. You will find our Lucky Cat Happy Business Purple on Zen Appeal here

Do you have a Feng Shui question you would like us to answer?
Please e-mail us your question at and your question and answer could be chosen for our newsletter.


We have a new featured product on the Featured Product page. The Featured Product page is currently featuring our Feng Shui Wealth Deity. Increase your wealth energy with this traditional Feng Shui wealth god. You will find our Feng Shui Wealth Deity on Zen Appeal here


We have recently added a new item at Zen Appeal.
The Protection Magnet protects your property from the negative energy that causes items to break and helps you extend its life. You will find our Protection Magnet on Zen Appeal here .

February Sale at Zen Appeal
Zen Appeal has a page dedicated to special sale items, each available for a limited time only. Sale items come and go without warning, so please check the page often and enjoy the big discounts! Here's the link to the Zen Appeal Sale Page Featured Sale Items include - Chinese Calligraphy Bracelet, 3-D Dreams Dream Catcher, Chinese Coin Leather Necklace, Long Life Character, Love Thy Neighbor Necklace, Feng Shui Wallet Coins, Yin Yang Bracelet, Rose Quartz, Seduction Silver Necklace, Venus of Willendorf Fertility Goddess, Safety Feng Shui Bell, Fertility Buddha Necklace, Lucky Carp Hanger, Firecracker Hanger, Fertility Elephant Pendant, Silver Pink Heart Necklace on Leather Cord, Marriage and Union Coin Wall Hanger, Rose Quartz Heart Crystal, Dream Big Dream Catcher, Kwan Yin Dragon Necklace, Large Love Word Stone, Doorknob Wealth Bell, Chinese Coin - Large 2 inch, and more! Savings up to 40% off on some items! Some of our most popular items are on sale! Sale Prices starting as low as $.50!

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Recently some of our popular items have unfortunately been discontinued by our suppliers. We have limited quantities of the following items available: Buddha Fertility Hanger, Magic Fire Wheel Key Chain, Silver Chinese Coin Necklace, Fertility Elephant Bell, Dragon Gate Fish, Purple Dreams Dream Catcher, Evil Eye Hamsa Key Chain, Seduction Candle, Good Health Candle, Positive Energy Candle, Get Well Gift Set, Shou Hanger, Hamsa with Chai Necklace, Golden Fidelity Rooster, Green Buddha, Love Thy Neighbor Necklace, Bagua Coin Necklace, Silver Pink Heart Necklace on Leather Cord, Ten Commandments Necklace, Chinese Coin Leather Necklace, Long Life Character, Chinese Calligraphy Bracelet, Power Silver Necklace, 3-D Dreams Dream Catcher, and Silver Floating Heart Necklace. You will find all of our limited quantity items on our Feng Shui Last Chance page

Galician Record Images are Online
Our new article will tell you how to find images of Jewish Galician vital records through JRI-Poland. Another article written by us, Jacobson and Jacobson Genealogy Researchers' Leslie & Mark.

Mark and Leslie offer genealogical research service in person and online. Jacobson and Jacobson Genealogy Researchers will help you build your family tree, find your elusive ancestors, learn more about yourself through your forebears, and find something unexpected and exciting about your family. Start your personal ancestry adventure today at Jacobson and Jacobson Genealogy Researchers . Call us at 561-376-4730 for more information.

Come and stop by our Zen Appeal News page to see our top Best Sellers and purchase them, find out what pages we have updated with new products, find out when the tip of the month has been changed, and see a selection of our Feng Shui new products and purchase them. All this, and more, just for you at our Zen Appeal News page .

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8 - Gold Buddha
9 - Little Buddha for Pocket
10 - Bagua Coin Charm

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Accidents Don't Have to Happen

Kitchens can be a dangerous place. Protect yourself and your family from knives slipping, cuts from glass breaking, burns, fires or other perils. Hang the Safety Feng Shui Bell to increase kitchen safety. You will find our Safety Feng Shui Bell on Zen Appeal here .

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bring Home the Baby

Modern women are expected to be breadwinner, wife and mother. With all of the pressures of the modern world, sometimes women need help from the ancient world to achieve all of their goals. The energy from the past, when life was more primal, will help you achieve your goals of fertility. The Venus of Willendorf Fertility Goddess was used by the Ancient people of Europe for fertility and is still used today. You will find our Venus of Willendorf on Zen Appeal here .

Friday, February 7, 2014

Bet on Nanbu

Improve your odds of winning the lottery with the Nanbu Lock Coin. The Nanbu Lock Coin increases your likelihood of being a winner when buying a lottery ticket, stock or any other economic risk. Take your Nanbu Lock Coin with you wherever you gamble or place it with your lottery tickets. You will find our Nanbu Lock Coin on Zen Appeal here .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Feng Shui Tip of the Month

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton and Zen Appeal have added February's Feng Shui Tip of the Month. Please visit to read it and find out how you can find your way to The Feng Shui Road to Success. The Feng Shui Fame, Reputation and Recognition Bagua area can be your key to a bright and successful future. Here's the beginning of the article, to get you started: Many people use the Feng Shui Bagua map to help them focus their energy on specific parts of their life and achieve important goals. Bagua areas such as Career, Wealth, and Family are self-explanatory and popular areas for people to work on. One area that people are often confused about is Fame and Reputation, which is located at the center back part of any home or room. Fame and Reputation is probably the most neglected Bagua area, but you should be focusing on that area today to have an even more successful life! Please visit to read the rest of the Feng Shui article.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Zen Appeal February Sale

Limited stock items featured on our sale page. Buy now, supplies are limited! Our February Sale items have been added . Some of our new sale items include our Chinese Calligraphy Bracelet, 3-D Dreams Dream Catcher, Chinese Coin Leather Necklace, Long Life Character, Love Thy Neighbor Necklace, and our Feng Shui Wallet Coins. Please visit our Zen Appeal Feng Shui Product Sale page to see all the great discounts for yourself. Savings up to 40% off on some items! Some of our most popular items are on sale! Sale Prices starting as low as $.50! Don't forget, Free Shipping for all orders $50 and over.