Monday, April 29, 2013

Protect Yourself the Feng Shui Way

Portable protection from all of life's negativities is a must these days. A portable Feng Shui protector that balances your energy (so you're not freaked out or asleep at the wheel) is a dream come true! Our Yin Yang Bagua Hanger will protect you from negative energy, negative situations, and negative people. Carry it with you everywhere you go. You will find our Yin Yang Bagua Hanger on Zen Appeal here .

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shopping Buddy

Clutter is often caused by unnecessary purchases done during a shopping frenzy. We all lose control once we get into those malls. How can Feng Shui help us to make wise purchases and hold on to our cash? Our Jade Donut Necklace not only helps you acquire money, it also helps you hold onto your money. Additionally, it makes you wise so you spend your money wisely. You will find our Jade Donut Necklace on Zen Appeal here .

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Feng Shui Item at Zen Appeal

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton and Zen Appeal have added a new item at Zen Appeal. The Bagua Coin Charm is a portable protector from evil. It's better than garlic. You will find our Bagua Coin Charm on Zen Appeal here .

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 2013 Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton ~ Zen Appeal Newsletter

--Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton--
--Zen Appeal--
This April our Feng Shui Beaded Hanging Crystals are hot! People are feeling an urgency to energize the Bagua areas that currently correspond to their life issues. Additionally, with Winter dragging on for most of us, the addition of a genuine Austrian Swarovski crystal to each room adds refreshed energy and deflects stagnant negative energy from the Winter. Beaded Hanging Crystals are available for all the Feng Shui Bagua areas. In addition, some Bagua areas have multiple available crystals. Plus, there are two Beaded Hanging Crystals that are not associated with any specific Bagua area. All are uniquely designed and hand beaded by me (Leslie) and I meditate on specific positive intentions for you while I create them. You can find our Feng Shui Beaded Hanging Crystals on our Zen Appeal Feng Shui Crystals page .


Our Doorknob Wealth Bell has been listed in Retailing Insight Magazine's list of their "Top 10 Trending Up" in their April/May 2013 issue. Check out page 38, Survey Says!: trends and best sellers across the U.S. Don't have access to Retailing Insight Magazine? Here is an online version of the article, Survey Says! Compiled by Maggie Feeney.

Use your rooms as they were originally intended. Sleep in your bedroom, not your closet or garage. And work in your office, not your dining room or bedroom.

April's Feng Shui Tip of the Month is our article called "Feng Shui Your Family Room" Read this month's Feng Shui Tip of the Month here . Please stop by every month to read our tip before it goes away and is replaced by next month's tip. Hope you enjoy the Feng Shui Tip of the Month for April and our new tip every month.

Looking for more Feng Shui Tips? Check out our Feng Shui Tip page

Sofia asked:
Mark and Leslie, do you have any cures to help make my neighbors stop talking about me behind my back and starting arguments with me? All of this negativity on my block is becoming a problem.

Hi Sofia,
Thank you for your question. We have some Feng Shui solutions to your problems. We recommend the Bagua Protector to protect you from your neighbors and their negative energy. We recommend the Evil Eye Lanyard (portable) to protect you from the negative thoughts and intentions of your neighbors that could turn your good luck to bad. Additionally, we recommend the Magic Fire Wheel Key Chain (portable) to protect you from any disagreements with your neighbors (which could lead to serious problems down the road.) You will find all of these Protection Cures on our Feng Shui Protection Cures page .

Do you have a Feng Shui question you would like us to answer?
Please e-mail us your question at and your question and answer could be chosen for our newsletter.

We have recently added a new item at Zen Appeal.

Our new Jade Wu Lou Hanger is on our Feng Shui Health Cures page . The Jade Wu Lou Hanger will help you stay healthy if you are well, or recover quickly if you are ill.

April Sale at Zen Appeal
Zen Appeal has a page dedicated to special sale items, each available for a limited time only. Sale items come and go without warning, so please check the page often and enjoy the big discounts! Here's the link to the Zen Appeal Sale Page . Featured Sale Items include - Genuine Ancient Chinese Coin, Rose Quartz, Wealth Hanger, Evil Eye Lanyard, Purple Dreams Dream Catcher, Chinese Coin - Large 2 inch, Triple Coin Necklace, Yin Yang Bagua Hanger, Long Life Character, 50 mm Round Hanging Crystal on Red Cord, Fertility Elephant, Horse for Success, Evil Eye Necklace, Seduction Silver Necklace, Fertility Elephant Key Chain, Good Fortune Brass Hanger, and more! Savings up to 33% off on some items! Some of our most popular items are on sale! Sale Prices starting as low as $.50!

Free Shipping
with Every Order $50 and above!

Recently some of our popular items have unfortunately been discontinued by our suppliers. We have limited quantities of the following items available: Love Thy Neighbor Necklace, Bagua Coin Necklace, Bagua Coin Charm Key Chain, Bagua Coin Charm, Fertility Elephant, Dharma Wheel Hanger, Silver Pink Heart Necklace on Leather Cord, 50 mm Round Hanging Crystal on Red Cord, Ten Commandments Necklace, Chinese Coin Red Cord Necklace, Chinese Coin Leather Necklace, Cloisonne Fertility Elephant Pendant, Fertility Elephant Key Chain, Lucky Turtle, Genuine Chinese Coin Red String Bracelet, Angel of Healing, Long Life Character, Lucky Cat Wish Box, Evil Eye Necklace, Chinese Calligraphy Bracelet, Power Silver Necklace, 3-D Dreams Dream Catcher, and Silver Floating Heart Necklace. You will find all of our limited quantity items on our Feng Shui Last Chance page .

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton and Zen Appeal proudly accepts PayPal. PayPal lets you use all major credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and more for payment. Plus, you do not need to have or open a PayPal account to buy from us with PayPal. And best of all, using PayPal is FREE! PayPal is Safe. When you use PayPal, your financial information is secure and is not even shared with us. Have not tried PayPal yet? Still have unanswered questions? Please visit PayPal .

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Here is our current List of Our Top 10 Selling Items

1 - Genuine Ancient Chinese Coins
2 - Doorknob Wealth Bell
3 - 1 Inch Chinese Coin
4 - Feng Shui Money Candle
5 - Lucky Fortune Gift
6 - Chinese Coin - Large 2 inch
7 - Fertility Goddess
8 - Fast Money Hanger
9 - Gold Buddha
10 - Little Buddha for Pocket

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spreading Your Love

You care about others and always put them first. Your jewelry should reflect your life's philosophy. Wear our Love Thy Neighbor Necklace because you follow G-d's Commandment "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" as inscribed on the charm. You will find our Love Thy Neighbor Necklace on Zen Appeal here .

Friday, April 12, 2013

Worry Free Feng Shui

Frustrated from trying to Feng Shui your home all by yourself? Let a Feng Shui expert guide you through the process. Say goodbye to the complicated aspects, fears, and confusion. With our expertise, the pressure is off you and Feng Shui becomes fun and easy. Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here and we have beautiful gift ideas for the mom in your life! Our mom loves romantic jewelry and silk purses, we're sure all moms do! We have beautiful jewelry and purses that the mom in your life will love on our Feng Shui Gifts page . Remember, Feng Shui gifts always have a purpose, so the receiver gets something both beautiful and functional. Better than a pretty vacuum cleaner.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ripped From The Headlines Feng Shui Applied

Most Americans have insufficient savings and investments. Many have no savings or investments. A large number of Americans have lost confidence in their ability to retire securely. How are your investments in your future? Do you have concerns about your money? What can Feng Shui do about it? Business reporter Feng Shui expert Leslie answers: you need one Feng Shui item that can help you with the multi-faceted Feng Shui problem of making wise investment choices and protecting those investments. The Nanbu Lock Coin will optimize your chances of having successful investments and secure your investment in your future. You will find our Nanbu Lock Coin on Zen Appeal here .

Saturday, April 6, 2013

What do you do with that?

I often get asked this question about every Feng Shui cure that we sell. Here is the answer for one:
Victory Banner Key Chain

Who needs it?
People who have a business. People who want to succeed in business. People in school. People who want to achieve their educational goals. People who have goals. People who want to succeed in life. People who want their dreams and desires to come true. People who face obstacles. People who would like to increase their power and good luck in their business.

What do you do with it?
Carefully following the instructions that we give you when you purchase it, and depending upon the above situation, place the Victory Banner Key Chain in the appropriate area.

You'll find the Victory Banner Key Chain on our Zen Appeal Feng Shui Business Cures page .

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Feng Shui Tip of the Month

Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton and Zen Appeal have added April's Feng Shui Tip of the Month. Please visit to read it and find out how to Feng Shui Your Family Room. A good way to work on your family and health issues is to apply Feng Shui cures to your Family and Health Bagua area. This article tells you how to use Feng Shui adjustments to help you improve your issues with your family and health. Here's the beginning of the article, to get you started: In Feng Shui, the Family and Health Bagua area of any home or room is where you focus on working out family problems and strengthening family bonds. The Feng Shui Bagua area for the Family is the center left part of any home or room, but since the family room has the name 'family' in it, and it is often the only place where the whole family gathers, it is a great place to accentuate the Family and Health Feng Shui energies regardless of where this room is in your home. Please visit to read the rest of the Feng Shui article.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Zen Appeal April Sale

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to stock up on new Feng Shui cures. Discard your broken hangers and figurines during your spring cleaning and replace them with these great buys. Our April Sale items have been added . Some of our new sale items include our Genuine Ancient Chinese Coin, Rose Quartz, Wealth Hanger, Evil Eye Lanyard and our Purple Dreams Dream Catcher. Please visit our Zen Appeal Feng Shui Product Sale page to see all the great discounts for yourself. Savings up to 33% off on some items! Some of our most popular items are on sale! Sale Prices starting as low as $.50! Don't forget, Free Shipping for all orders $50 and over.