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January 2011 Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton ~ Zen Appeal Newsletter

--Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton--
--Zen Appeal--
Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2011! We started our business in March, 2001 to combine ancient eastern techniques and tools of Feng Shui with our modern western counseling skills and industrial and organization psychology skills. Over the years, a lot has changed. In addition to our in person Feng Shui Consultations, we added E-Consults - online Feng Shui Consultations. Many of you were our early clients. Soon after we started selling Feng Shui products first on another website, then on Zen Appeal. Many of you were our customers in the early days. Later we moved both websites to our own domain and combined them. Recently we moved into the world of social networking and started blogging and Facebooking. We started this newsletter in 2001, and many of you are original readers! With all the change, many things remain stable including our goals. Our goal is still to Feng Shui the world one home at a time. One by one we are succeeding. Thank you all for your support. We are a family business and you are a part of our family. Thank you for growing and learning with us, we look forward to many more decades of peace, harmony and prosperity with you.

Chinese New Year falls on February 3rd in 2011. Let us help you find what you need to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in a traditional way or your own unique way. We have set up a Feng Shui Chinese New Year Gifts page so you can start shopping for gifts or your own party now. Kung Hei Fat Choy - "Wishing You Success and Prosperity!"

Turn on your light by your entrance. It will increase energy in that Bagua area and bring positive energy into your home.

January's Feng Shui Tip of the Month is our article called "Feng Shui and Weight Loss" Read this month's Feng Shui Tip of the Month here . Please stop by every month to read our tip before it goes away and is replaced by next month's tip. Hope you enjoy the Feng Shui Tip of the Month for January and our new tip every month.

Looking for more Feng Shui Tips? Check out our Feng Shui Tip page

Bob asked:
My son won't sleep in his own room and I'd like to get him out of my bed and into his own. Mark and Leslie, is there a Feng Shui cure?

Hi Bob,
Thank you for your question. Often children are afraid of their bedrooms. They need to feel safe to be able to sleep there. First make sure there is nothing in the room that might seem scary to your son. Clowns, fierce animals, pirates, etc. that often look cute to adults can frighten a child. Try to look at the bedroom and imagine it from his height and perspective. Add your photo, so you will still be with him. An additional way to protect him is to add an elephant. We recommend the Painted Royal Elephant. It can be placed by your child's bed to help him feel safe in his own room. You can find our Painted Royal Elephant on our Feng Shui Elephants page .

Do you have a Feng Shui question you would like us to answer? Please e-mail us your question at and your question and answer could be chosen for our newsletter.

January Sale at Zen Appeal
Zen Appeal has a page dedicated to special sale items, each available for a limited time only. Sale items come and go without warning, so please check the page often and enjoy the big discounts! Here's the link to the Zen Appeal Sale Page . Featured Sale Items include - Swarovski Bagua Hanging Crystal, Rose Quartz Heart Crystal, Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace, Golden Headed Turtle, White Lucky Cat Happy Business, Dragon Gong Bell, Chinese Coin Cord Necklace, Long Life Character, Dream Big Dream Catcher, Large Prosperity Word Stone, Angel of Healing, Longevity Bracelet, Kwan Yin Bell Key Chain, Silver Chinese Coin Necklace, 50 mm Hanging Crystal, Bagua Coin, and more! Savings up to 40% off on some items! Some of our most popular items are on sale! Sale Prices starting as low as $5.00! Plus special Buy One Get One Free deals. All on our Feng Shui Sale page .

Fr*ee Shipping with Every Order $50 and above!

Back by popular demand are FIVE of your favorite things! The Dragon Hanger, Phoenix Hanger, Dragon Gong Bell, Fertility Elephant Bell, and New Job Gift Set have all returned to stock. Now that the Dragon Hanger is back, you can use it to help you control situations and your own life, especially economic issues. You can find it on the Zen Appeal Feng Shui Hanger page . Since the Phoenix Hanger is back, you can use it to help you change your luck from bad to good and network with important people. You can find it on the Zen Appeal Feng Shui Hanger page . Because the Dragon Gong Bell is back, you can use it to help you meditate, clear your space and call in the energy you need. You can find it on the Zen Appeal Feng Shui Bells page . The Fertility Elephant Bell is back, you can use it to help you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. You can find it on the Zen Appeal Feng Shui Fertility page . And the New Job Gift Set is back, you can use it to help you get a job, keep a job, or get a promotion or raise. You can find it on the Zen Appeal Feng Shui Gift Set page .

Recently some of our popular items have unfortunately been discontinued by our suppliers. We have limited quantities of the following items available: Housewarming Candle, Chinese Calligraphy Bracelet, Longevity Bracelet, Angel Within You, Balance Spray, Three Immortals, Power Silver Necklace, Small Chinese Jade Elephant, Silk Brocade Handbag, White Lucky Cat Money and Happiness, Clearing Anger Spray, White Lucky Cat Happy Business, Feng Shui Dragon Sword, 3-D Dreams Dream Catcher, Healing Feminine Spray, Silver Floating Heart Charm, Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace with Rose Pendant, and Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace with Aurora Borealis Pendant.

Check out our Feng Shui Blog at . We have continued to post on our Blog about our site updates. We also post updates when new products are added to Zen Appeal and when both the Zen Appeal Sale Page and Feng Shui Tip of the Month are updated. Currently our Blog has archived newsletters June 2008 - December 2010. Our Blog links to our Zen Appeal Facebook page and Feng Shui Hangout our Facebook group , where you can comment and ask us questions that we will answer. Please continue to enjoy!

Here is our current List of Our Top 10 Selling Items

1 - Genuine Ancient Chinese Coins
2 - Lucky Fortune Gift
3 - Doorknob Wealth Bell
4 - 1 Inch Chinese Coin
5 - Feng Shui Money Candle
6 - Chinese Coin - Large 2 inch
7 - Fertility Goddess
8 - Gold Buddha
9 - Fast Money Hanger
10 - Little Buddha for Pocket

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