Thursday, October 27, 2011

What do you do with that?

I often get asked this question about every Feng Shui cure that we sell. Here is the answer for one: Firecracker Hanger
Who needs it? People who have something or someone to protect. People who have negative energy in their homes or work places. People who have stagnant energy in a room (usually because they don't use the room too often.) People who have something to energize (like a front entrance or cash register.) People who have not had success with other Feng Shui solutions (can be used in any Feng Shui Bagua area.)
What do you do with it? Carefully following the instructions that we give you when you purchase it, and depending upon the above situation, place the Firecracker Hanger in the appropriate area.
You'll find the Firecracker Hanger on our Zen Appeal Feng Shui Hangers page .

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