Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What do you do with that?

I often get asked this question about every Feng Shui cure that we sell. Here is the answer for one:
Jade Donut Necklace

Jade Donut Necklace from Zen Appeal

Who needs it?
People who want to acquire money. People who want to hold on to money. People who want to make sure their money is not being wasted. People who want to be smart shoppers. People who need more money luck.

What do you do with it?
Carefully following the instructions that we give you when you purchase it, wear your Jade Donut Necklace as often as possible.

You'll find the Jade Donut Necklace on Zen Appeal here http://www.yourfengshuistore.com/Jade-Donut-Necklace_p_67.html .

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